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10 Kickass Gadgets And Gizmos For Any Guitar Lover

Miscellaneous Guitar Accessories

For this last page we had a tough time justifying just one gadget, and unlike the previous page where we found some cool stuff that fit into a “kitchen” category, these gadgets don’t really fit in to any one category.

But here are some kickass miscellaneous gadgets we found that we thought our guitar loving followers would really enjoy.

ChromaCast Pearl Celluloid Guitar Picks, Assorted 48-Pack РLight, Medium and Heavy Gauge Р$9.91

chromacast pick pack

Tired of losing picks into the black abyss that lost picks seem to disappear into? Picks at your local guitar shop WAY too expensive?

Problem solved with the ChromaCast 48 pack. For a very reasonable price, you get a 48 pack of assorted colors that come in three different gauges – light, medium and heavy.

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The Pick Punch Guitar Pick Maker by Pick Punch – $25.95

pick punch

Now this thing is cool. The Pick Punch is a tool that allows you to punch your own picks out of various materials, such as credit cards, ID cards and gift cards, or sheets of other popular durable materials like Delrin, Lexan and Ultem.

This is the original, made by the guy who invented these things, and its been copied by dozens of companies but this one is our favorite. With the price of picks being what they are, this thing will pay for itself after a very short time, and you can get creative with the materials you make your picks out of.

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Universal A-Frame Guitar Stand by Certain Way – $28.95

certain way universal stand

The bottom line is, there are very few (if any) guitar stands in existence that have the level of combination of durability and compactness that this A-frame design has from Certain Way.

It comfortably holds bass, acoustic and electric guitars, and folds down into a really small and highly transportable stand that you can take with you on the go.

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