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10 Kickass Gadgets And Gizmos For Any Guitar Lover

CruzTOOLS GrooveTech Guitar/Bass Multi-Tool – $15.95

We’ve heard it said that behind every good man is a great multi-tool, so this must be doubly so for guitarists and guitar techs looking for an all-in-one tool to maintain their gear.

Introducing the CruzTOOLS GrooveTech Guitar/Bass Multi-Tool.

The GrooveTech includes four metric and three fractional hex keys, two Phillips screwdrivers, a 2.5mm slotted screwdriver, and ruler for setting action.

It works on both guitar and bass, whether your guitar is American made or imported, and can handle most truss rod, bridge, and other adjustments.

The GrooveTech’s heat-treated chrome finish also means it’s as durable as it is useful.

groovetech multi-tool

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