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10 Kickass Gadgets And Gizmos For Any Guitar Lover

Pykmax High Performance Guitar Picks by Pro Music Marketing – $11.99

If you are a beginner to intermediate guitar player, you may find regular guitar picks difficult to get comfortable holding due to the unique muscle pressure traditional guitar picks create on your hand.

This is where something like the Pykmax High Performance Guitar Picks can be an amazing tool.

The Pykmax is the result of several years of engineering that culminated in an incredibly ergonomic design that fits the hand very naturally to alleviate said muscle pressure.

Here is a video showcasing the Pykmax –

As we mentioned, this looks outstanding for beginner and intermediate players, allowing them to focus more solely on their playing technique rather than how they are holding their pick. However, more experienced players may have a hard time adjusting to the Pykmax as they have already developed the muscle memory and a tolerance for the muscle pressure associated with holding a pick the traditional way.

PykmaxPykmax High Performance Guitar Pick – Adult Size

– Comes in red or purple


Pykmax youth size

Pykmax High Performance Guitar Pick – Special Edition Youth Size