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5 Of The Weirdest Signature Guitars Ever Made (IMAGES)

We Take A Look At 5 Of The Strangest Signature Guitars Ever Created

We, the fine folks at Shred the Strings, constantly have our ears to the ground of the guitar world to bring our followers the latest, greatest, maybe even funniest guitar content out there.

Often times this leads to the accidental discovery instead of the oldest, lamest and maybe even saddest stuff out there, or in this case, the strangest.

While digging around we happened across some very weird and bizarre signature guitars. Some of them are weird simply because they originate from such an unexpected place, while others are just some of the most downright strangest guitar designs we’ve ever encountered.

Some of our followers will no doubt instantly recognize some of these guitars, while we’re hoping some of them catch our readers off guard.

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