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5 Of The Weirdest Signature Guitars Ever Made (IMAGES)

#5 – Kiefer Sutherlands Signature Gibson KS-336 Electric Guitar


Yes you read that correctly ladies and gentlemen, Jack Bauer has his own signature guitar.

While it’s definitely not strange looking whatsoever – as a matter of fact it looks like a plethora of other Gibson and Epiphone models already in existence – we found the simple fact that the star of the hit show 24 has his own signature guitar even at all.

While on the surface this may seem as odd to you as it did to us, we dug a little deeper to find out exactly why he would have his own signature guitar.

We already knew Mr. Sutherland played guitar and performed live from time to time, and even found out that he has his own record label called Ironworks Records. We grew somewhat disappointed because we then assumed that, just because he was rich, famous and played guitar that he was entitled to his own signature Gibson.

But as it turns out, Kiefer is a big time guitar collector, and he owns a massive guitar collection, of which supposedly 80% of his collection is vintage Gibson electric guitars – 50 Gibson guitars in total.

His favorite is his vintage ’67 Gibson ES-335 electric guitar.

Gibson, upon learning of his dedication to their guitars, decided he would be a great fit for someone to design a signature guitar.

Thus, here we have the KS-336 Gibson electric guitar.

kiefer sutherland ks 336

Inspired by the Gibson CS-336 from the Gibson Custom Shop, one of Sutherlands other favorite guitars, Kiefer worked with Gibsons Custom Shop to design the guitar to his exact specifications.

Released as part of Gibsons “Inspired By” series, the KS 336 electric guitar features a tonally chambered back and sides made from a single piece of mahogany, a carved two piece maple top, an ebony fretboard, and the classic 400-style inlay. The KS also features ’57 Classic Plus humbuckers for pickups, and the unique gold colored finish picked out by Kiefer.

“I’m the guy who is playing for the joy of it, for the pleasure,” Sutherland says. “When all the professional musicians leave my studio, late at night, that is when I go in with one light on, and get lost playing for hours, because I love it.”

kiefer sutherland holding ks 336