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5 Of The Weirdest Signature Guitars Ever Made (IMAGES)

#4 – Oktober Guitars Annihilator

Okay, now here’s where this post takes a lefthand turn into Weirdville, USA.

Many of our readers may be familiar with the famous (or infamous) punk rock band The Misfits. They were the originators of the subgenre “horror punk,” and implemented dark themes into their music and appearance largely inspired by B-movie horror and sci-fi films from the 1950’s through the 70’s.

They were some odd dudes, and chief among them was Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein. He’s a massive individual, who even now at the age of around 50 is built like a bodybuilder. He’s known for his large stature, white face paint with black accents around his eyes, and his “devilock” hairstyle originated by The Misfits.

doyle wolfgang von frankenstein with annihilator

For a guy this menacing looking it was only appropriate then that he also have a very sinister and dark looking guitar for a signature guitar.

Enter the Annihilator.


An insanely wicked looking axe, the “Annihilator” as Doyle calls it is actually an electric guitar that he designed and built himself.

The story, as Doyle tells it, is that he was working in his fathers machine shop when someone came in one day to build their own guitar. Watching the guy work, Doyle could see he was going about it wrong and took over for him, really impressing the guy in the process. Realizing he could build his own electric guitars, and having drawn his own guitar design on a book cover made from a paper shopping bag on his high school textbook, Doyle began crafting his Annihilator design and the rest is history.

The design has been reproduced by the company Oktober Guitars in partnership with Doyle, but he still plays his own custom built design because “[they] ain’t makin’ ’em the way I want ’em, that’s for sure.”

Here is a video of an interview Doyle did where he tells the story of how the Annihilator came to be, and details what his own electric guitar creation is made out of. He talks about his guitar for about the first 4 and a half minutes of the video, but if you’re curious about what else he uses for his rig you can watch the entire 18 minute video here –