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5 Of The Weirdest Signature Guitars Ever Made (IMAGES)

#3 – Hutchinson Guitars Molten Diabolic

While this next guitar isn’t necessarily a signature guitar of any single individual, it was inspired by the iconic video game Diablo and was created to celebrate the release of the latest game in the franchise, Diablo III

Hutchinson Guitars, which gets its namesake from its founder, James Hutchinson, is a custom guitar shop which mostly creates custom and conceptual guitar designs.

Implementing one of their earlier concept designs, the Molten Lava guitar, they created a darker looking version that features LED’s to give it a glowing red lava look, and features a “Soulstone” like can be seen in Diablo III.

The result is the Hutchinson Molten Diabolic electric guitar –

molten diabolic full shot

The Molten Diabolic features an Ibanez Prestige neck, mahogany body and Dimarzio pickups.

About a 3rd of the way up the neck is the roman numeral “III” design like can be seen on the cover of Diablo III.

 We’re not sure how many video games have their own signature guitar, but we’re guessing it’s a pretty small and exclusive list.

The Molten Diabolic can be yours for the price of £2,300.00, or $3,263.70 USD.

Check it out here at