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The Top 5 Most Expensive Guitars Of All Time (Images)

Honorable Mentions

Bob Marley’s Washburn 22 Series Hawk Guitar

marley washburn 22 series hawk

One of the few snapshots we could find of Bob’s Washburn 22 Series Hawk

To be perfectly honest with you this guitar should have probably been on this list. The problem was the lack of reliable sources to confirm a price, and really just the lack of information in general about the reggae legend’s Washburn.

It’s estimated value is somewhere between $1.2 and $2 million, and the government of Marley’s native country of Jamaica considers it to be a “national asset.”

From what we could gather, Bob Marley only ever owned seven guitars making any one of the seven extremely rare.

Jerry Garcia’s “Wolf” and “Tiger” Guitars

jerry garcia wolf body

Jerry Garcia’s custom guitar named “Wolf”

jerry garcia tiger

Jerry Garcia’s custom guitar named “Tiger”

Both of these guitars belonged to the legendary Jerry Garcia for long tenures of the Grateful Dead guitarist and vocalist’s career.

Both of Jerry Garcia’s guitars were custom built by luthier¬†Doug Irwin. Garcia first bought one of Irwin’s guitars in 1972 upon visiting his shop in Sonoma, California, and purchased “Wolf” the same day for $1,500. Irwin delivered the finished guitar in May of ’73, which would be Garcia’s main guitar for the next 6 years.

jerry garcia on wolf

Jerry Garcia performing live with his custom guitar Wolf

It would take Doug Irwin 6 years to build Jerry Garcia’s next custom guitar – the one he called “Tiger.”

It would be Garcia’s main guitar for the next 11 years of his career, and was the guitar he performed with in the final performance of his life at Soldier Field in Chicago in 1995.

jerry garcia on tiger

Jerry Garcia performing live on his custom guitar “Tiger”

There was actually a legal dispute over the rightful ownership of both guitars between the remaining members of The Grateful Dead and Doug Irwin. The Dead claimed they were the rightful owners, but Garcia had left the guitars in his will to the man who built them, Doug Irwin.

After both sides settled, Irwin put the guitars up for auction in 2002.

Wolf sold for $700,000, and Tiger sold for $850,000. Including the buyer’s commission, the price of Wolf and Tiger ballooned to $789,500 and $957,500,¬†respectively, making the combined price-tag of both guitars $1,747,000.

At the time, both guitars broke the individual record for most expensive guitar until Eric Claptons “Blackie” Fender Strat sold two years later for $959,000, just eclipsing Garcia’s Tiger by $,1500 for number five on our list.