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This Australian Multi-Instrumentalist Jams A Hell Of A Live Show

 He Plays The Rare Didgeridoo And Acoustic Guitar Combo

Anybody who plays can tell you that it’s a pretty difficult skill to be able to multitask while jamming an instrument.

Even something like singing and playing guitar at the same time, which require entirely different parts of your body, requires a ton of practice to train your mind to be able to focus on two entirely different and independent mental processes to work in unison.

Now picture playing an acoustic guitar with one hand, a shaker with your other hand, stomping a stomp box with your foot and playing a didgeridoo with your mouth all simultaneously.


But that’s precisely what “Fingers” Mitchell Cullen can do, and the results are pretty epic.

A video of one of his performances from 2012 has been going viral recently where he jams a pretty awesome live show that’s nothing like we’ve ever seen before.

It’s a pretty cool mix of a traditional aboriginal Australian sound and Western pop/rock style acoustic guitar.

Check it out here –