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(Video) This Baby’s Reaction To Led Zeppelin Just Made Our Day

He Literally Wants To Hear Nothing Else But This Classic Jam

Start ’em young.

When it comes to Led Zeppelin, the sooner the better.

The video is in Spanish, but you don’t have to understand what is being said in the video to appreciate what is going on, and we’ll translate a little bit (to the best of our abilities).

The father, filming his son in his car seat from the front of the car, asks his son if he’d like to listen to some music.

His son says yes, so dad tries out a few songs.

The first few songs sound like some children’s music, and his son is absolutely having none of it, exclaiming “No!” to the first song, and an even bigger, more resounding “No!” to the second song. He even almost seems to want to cry he dislikes the music choice so badly.

Then his mood changes.

His dad puts on the classic “Whole Lotta Love” by Led Zeppelin, and his son instantly begins nodding his head in approval with a huge grin as the instantly-recognizable opening guitar riff begins playing.

It appears this father has done a terrific job of introducing his son to the classics.

Watch this awesome moment unfold right here –