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VIDEO – This 14 Year Old Shreds At A Talent Show, Then Busts THIS Out

His Skills Left The Crowd Totally Blown Away

This boy can pick some blues!

This video comes to us from a talent show in Nashville, Tennessee. The guitarist’s name is Nick DiMaria and he was 14 at the time the video was taken in 2008.

He was clearly ahead of the curve for only being 14, so we decided to track him down and see what he’s been up to since then.

He’s now the lead guitarist for Devin Dawson, a country rock act from Nashville who is starting to gain some popularity on the local scene.

Here’s Nick in 2015 doing an interview on the sweet looking walnut-finished Relish Guitar he’s holding –


We’re glad he stuck with it and seems to be doing some pretty cool stuff these days.

Check out Nick busting out his moves on page 2 –