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VIDEO – 5 People Perform A Song On A Single GIGANTIC Guitar

They All Found A Part To Play On This Huge Guitar

We’ve shared some videos of some pretty big guitars, like this dude rocking out on this massive guitar, but this guitar is even bigger.

At this point you’ve probably heard the song “Red Hands” by the Canadian band Walk Off The Earth.

It’s a pretty catchy little tune, but I doubt you’ve seen them perform it quite like this.

In this video, Walk Off The Earth perform their hit song but with a catch – they’re all playing on a single, gigantic guitar.

They all find a part to play on the guitar. Their drummer plays percussion on the guitar body, three of them play the highs, mids and lows of the melody, harmony and bass on the guitar neck, and one of them even strums the strings on the headstock.

Factor in their pretty good voices and you have a pretty cool little performance.

Check it out –