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VIDEO – A Guitar Shop Owner Heard Someone Playing In His Shop And Was BLOWN AWAY

Within 4 Seconds He Knew He Was Hearing Something Special

Every now and then you hear someone playing music and you instantly know they are special.

That’s precisely what happened one day in the guitar shop Normans Rare Guitars in Tarzana, California.

Jordan Harris, son of the shops owner and founder Norman Harris, says having grown up in a guitar shop he can “tell within the first 4 seconds” whether someone’s a good guitarist or not.

One day while he was working at the shop he heard someone playing a Gibson electric guitar and could instantly tell he was listening to an extremely talented guitarist.

Jordan was so amped up he grabbed a camera to record it.

That guitarist was Marcus King, a blues musician from Greenville, South Carolina with his own blues band The Marcus King Band.

marcus king band

Marcus King, center, with his bandmates from The Marcus King Band

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