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VIDEO – He Draws A MASSIVE Crowd In This Amazing Classical Guitar Performance

This Street Performance Is Absolutely STUNNING

At Shred the Strings we’re no strangers to some great street performances, like these 11 year old kids performing an awesome breakdown in Times Square, or this Polish guitarist playing a fantastic street performance.

But we were blown away by Estas Tonne, a Russian classical guitarist performing at the European Buskers Festival in Landshut, Germany.

Estas was born in Soviet Russia where he trained in classical guitar for 6 years. When his family moved to Italy, he didn’t pick up the guitar again for another 11 years.

He sort of looks like a guitar Jesus, and we love the passion that he plays with. It’s very apparent that he is connected with what he is playing, creating for one hell of a guitar performance.

We also love how big of a crowd he draws to watch him play.

Check it out right here –