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VIDEO – Eddie Van Halen In His Prime Will Melt Your Face

EVH Being EVH In All Of His Vintage 1980’s Glory

If you ask someone who came up in the 80’s what their soundtrack was in those days, it’s almost a guarantee it will include a song or two from Van Halen.

One of the pistons in the Van Halen engine was Eddie Van Halen, the groups lead guitarist and the personification of 80’s rock guitar.

Many regard him as one of the greatest rock guitarists of all time, and his skills and unique flare on the guitar are on full display in this vintage video from a Van Halen show.

It’s purely “Eddie being Eddie;” over 10 straight minutes of nothing but him improvising on his guitar with sprinkles of his legendary song “Eruption” in this epic shred session.

Check it out right here: