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VIDEO – Follow Us On This Super Epic ‘Journey Of The Guitar Solo’

We Wanted To Stand Up And Applaud At The End

As all of our guitar playing followers know, guitar has had quite the metamorphosis over its long and illustrious history as an instrument.

From guitar’s historic transition to electric in the 1930’s, to its explosion in popularity in the 1950’s and 1960’s, guitar has become a staple of western music.

And as the guitar evolved, so did the guitarists ability.

This video is the perfect showcase for exactly that, as it takes us on the journey of the guitar solo beginning with the birth of rock and roll ┬áin the 1950’s and the subsequent transition into the 60’s where the guitar solo became extremely prevalent.

The band, CDZA, does a phenomenal job of leading us along the journey through every decade all the way up to modern times, and the results are amazing.

Take the journey right here –