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VIDEO – Guitarists And Spiders Have A Lot More In Common Than You Might Think

Spiders Might Actually Be Natures Little Guitarists

Spiders – few things cause such polarizing and different reactions.

People seem to either love the little critters, or revile them as little eight-legged spawns of satan.

However, if you play guitar, it turns out you might have a lot more in common with a spider than you might initially think.

In this highly informative video from NPR we learned that when a spider builds its web, it actually “tunes” certain strands by tightening or loosening them much in the same way we tune a guitar string.

This helps the spider determine what it’s caught in its web.

So my guitar playing friends, next time you see a spider you might want to reconsider reaching for a tissue or a rolled up newspaper; turns out they’re actually natures little guitarists.

Check it out –