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VIDEO – He Wants To Play His Guitar, His Cat Wants To Chill On His Head

This Cat Has No Respect For The Arts

We’ve dealt with all sorts of distractions while trying to play music.

Phones ringing, friends and family interrupting – there always seems to be something. A cat sitting on our head? That’s a new one.

This is Adam Cantor, a guitarist from Indiana who appears to love cats.

His cat Stormy is content with staying on the ground while he plays his original composition “Meteor Shower.” His other cat Comet, however, wants front row seats and is perched on his head.

Adam has to awkwardly hunch over while Comet just relaxes, making him have to play his guitar in an uncomfortable position.

The situation is pretty funny, and we dig his original composition and would like to hear more of it without the “distractions.”

Check it out right here –