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(VIDEO) Hendrix And Buddy Guy Perform At The Same Show In This Epic Rare Footage

The Guitar Legends Play Some Incredible Guitar At The Same Venue

My goodness, talk about one of those moments where you wish you could be a “fly on the wall;” Buddy Guy and Jimi Hendrix performing at the same venue on the same night? We are ridiculously envious of whoever had the incredible opportunity to be at this show in 1968.

Seeing as we are a guitar blog that’s based in Chicago, Buddy Guy is one of our absolute favorite guitarists of all time, but our Chicago bias towards him doesn’t mean it’s undeserved praise. Guitar legends such as Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimi Hendrix have all sung Buddy Guy’s praises as one of their idols. Hendrix was even quoted as saying “Heaven is lying at Buddy Guy’s feet while listening to him play guitar.” Buddy Guy was also one of the ultimate live showmen, and people attributed him to playing guitars with his teeth and behind his head even before Hendrix.

Many people also credit Buddy Guy as one of the main artists to bridge the gap between blues and rock and roll.

And Hendrix? Hendrix is just f*cking Hendrix; simple as that.

(Buddy Guy is actually going to join the Experience Hendrix Tour that kicks off soon in honor of the late legend).

The video starts off with Buddy Guy playing the song “Stormy Monday” and he’s absolutely in the zone, getting way into his performance. Hendrix is literally sitting 5 feet away, totally vibing out to Buddy’s performance, even grinning widely at one point while Buddy does his thing. We also noticed (and Buddy confirms verbally later) that he breaks a string mid-performance, and it doesn’t throw him off in the slightest.

Then it’s Hendrix’s turn, as he takes the stage about halfway through the video for an instrumental jam session. We aren’t sure who the other guitarist is on stage with him, but Jimi keeps rhythm while this unnamed guitarist jams for a bit, then Hendrix takes over and it’s just as amazing as you’d expect.

The visual quality of the video is very poor, but the audio is great and still allows for the performances to be fully enjoyed.

Check it out right here –