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VIDEO – Hop In Our Time Machine For A Tour Of A 1959 Fender Guitar Factory

This Awesome Found Footage Transports You To A Different Era

Ever sat and wondered what it must of been like in certain different eras in time?

We often wish, for instance, we could go back and sit in on the likes of Jimmy Page or Jimi Hendrix back during one of their studio sessions to watch the masters create.

In the video we have today, we can travel all the way back to 1959 and see what it was like inside the factory building one of guitars most popular brands, Fender.

Footage of Fenders guitar building factory has been making its way around the internet lately. Shot on 8mm by the Fender executive Forrest White in 1959, we get an incredible glimpse into an era before CNC machines where all guitars were made by hand.

We also noticed the 1950’s style clothing, as well as people spraying wood lacquer with NO MASK. Needless to say it was a totally different time.

Check it out –