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VIDEO – Jimmy Page Shows His Chops On Acoustic In This Rare Footage

This TV Show Appearance From 1970 Blew Our Minds

We are massive Led Zeppelin fans here at Shred the Strings, and being a guitar blog we are even more massive fans of Jimmy Page.

We geek out at the chance to see any and all videos of him playing, so when we find rare footage? All the better.

This is an appearance he made on Julie Felix’s show Once More With Felix¬†in 1970, where he performed “White Summer” and “Black Mountain Side.”

“White Summer” was a piece Page originally recorded with his previous band, The Yardbirds, and “Black Mountain Side” is based on a traditional Irish folk song titled “Down By Blackwaterside.”

The Zeppelin/Jimmy Page version closely resembles the Bert Jansch version of the same song.

Check it out here and enjoy –