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VIDEO – One Guy Plays Every Part In This Star Wars Guitar Orchestra

He Plays 31 Different Parts Of A Full Orchestra

With literally the entire world in a Star Wars fever leading up to and since the release of Star Wars Episode 7, there has been all sorts of Star Wars related stuff popping up all over the place.

Very little of what we’ve seen has been as cool as this next video is though from a musical and guitar standpoint.

This video comes to us from Cooper Carter, a guitarist and YouTuber with a decent amount of subscribers and video views in his résumé.

In it, he plays the ever-famous and instantly recognizable opening theme music to Star Wars but with a slight twist: he plays all 31 parts of a full orchestra on his electric guitar and bass guitar to create a very full and quite literally orchestral arrangement of the popular theme.

Cooper does a fantastic job, and you can watch his video right here –