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VIDEO – Relive The Top 30 Guitar Riffs Of The 2000’s

Can You Think Of Any That He Forgot?

The 2000’s were an interesting time for music and the guitar.

After guitar solos seemed to reach their peak of prominence in the 1980’s only to fade a bit in the 1990’s, it seemed like guitar riffs and solos were falling to the back burner.

Then, at the turn of the millennium, we saw the reemergence of the solo, and guitar riffs became a more prominent fixture of music again.

we only know the guy playing guitar in the video as MetalRR5, and that he’s from Norway.

This is his take on the top guitar riffs of the 2000’s, as he busts out his top 30 in this cool video.

Did he miss any riffs you would have liked to see?

Check it out, and let us know –