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VIDEO – Someone Built A Functional Steel Guitar On A Skateboard Deck

For Those Who Love To Kick Flip And Kick Tunes

Just when we figured we found all of the weirdest guitars made out of, well, “interesting” things for lack of a better term.

There’s been some kickass ideas, like this electric guitar that the Master Builders at Fender built out of CARDBOARD, or this nostalgia inducing electric guitar made entirely out of LEGOs.

Some of them we just aren’t sure about though, like this electric guitar and GameBoy hybrid, or these 7 seriously weird guitar designs.

An electric steel guitar made from the deck of a skateboard? That’s something new entirely, but that’s precisely what the folks over at Stereotank pulled off with their latest creation.

The skateboard/steel guitar hybrid was made using a blank wood skateboard deck and includes a 1/4″ input jack, an electric guitar bridge, one guitar pick-up, one volume knob, one lock nut and six tuning pegs.

The finished result looks like this –

skate guitar 2

skate guitar 1

Even though it’s a little out of tune, the guitar actually has a decent steel guitar sound despite being created using a skateboard deck.

At the very least we love the ingenuity and can’t wait to see more guitars made out of awesome stuff like this one.

Check it out in action here –

[Via Stereotank]