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VIDEO – The Master Builders At Fender Built A Guitar Out Of CARDBOARD

“Sounds Like A Strat!” – Dennis Galuszka, Fender Master Builder

Just when we thought we saw it all when it comes to crazy guitars.

Whether it was these 7 guitars that are probably way cooler than yours, this epic guitar made out of legos, or this ridiculously massive guitar, we’ve seen some stuff.

A guitar made out of cardboard? Get the hell out. No seriously – LEAVE.

But that’s precisely what the master builders at Fender Guitars have done in collaboration with Signal Snowboards and Ernest Packaging.

Ernest Packaging began the process by creating a sort of weaved cardboard core that Fender could use to then cut out the body and neck of the guitar.

fender cardboard frame

Screenshot via YouTube

Fender used the cardboard core to cut out the shape of their guitar, implementing a 1950’s Stratocaster cutaway for the design.

The results are insane, leaving us with a Fender Stratocaster that you can literally SEE THROUGH:

fender see-through neck

Screenshot via YouTube

Our favorite part was that they had several Fender employees actually play the guitar, with several of them exclaiming “It sounds like a Strat!”

Check out the awesome video here –