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VIDEO – These Guys Picked Up A Toy Guitar At Walmart, Then This Happened

We Couldn’t Believe What We Were Hearing When We Watched This

There’s just something about an impromptu musical performance that gets us every time.

On a randomly discovered toy guitar at the store? Even better.

That’s exactly what Clay Shelburn and Zac Stokes did while wandering the aisles of their local Walmart when they came across a guitar designed as a toy for the movie Cars.

When Clay, the guitarist, begins strumming we’re instantly amazed at how good a little toy guitar actually sounds. Then he begins playing the unforgettable tune to “Pride and Joy” by Stevie Ray Vaughan – a Shred the Strings favorite.

His buddy Zac chimes in for a verse, and the rest is viral internet history.

We’re guessing that a toy sitting around at Walmart required a little tuning, and we’re amazed that it stayed in tune enough for them to finish their amazing on-the-spot jam.

Check it out right here –