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VIDEO – These Righties Try Playing Lefty Guitars To Hilarious Effect

These Experienced Guitarists Feel The Pain Of A Beginner

We’ve all been there.

You’re so painfully new to guitar that even playing with your natural hand placement is still a challenge.

Are you a really experienced guitarist who wants to feel that feeling all over again? Pick up a lefty guitar and try playing with your opposite hands.


That’s precisely what Lee (we couldn’t find a last name), the guy in the elf hat, and Rob Chapman, the Youtube guitar personality in the santa hat attempt to do in this hilarious video.

They both begin by flipping the lefty guitars upside down (an Epiphone Les Paul Custom electric guitar for Lee and a Fender Standard Strat for Mr. Chapman) and playing with their natural right handed hand placement.

It sounds somewhat decent with a few minor mistakes mixed in, but they can at least both carry a tune.

Then things get hilarious.

They transition by flipping the lefty guitars to the left handed position they were made for and attempt playing with their opposite and unnatural left hand.

You can watch the hilarious train wreck unfold right here –