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VIDEO – They Played This Metallica Hit Backwards And It’s Really Weird

We Would Try To Explain But It’s Better If You Just See For Yourself

The internet – one minute you’re watching guitar videos, then you click a couple links and the next minute you’re in Weirdville, USA watching something you can’t un-see.

While this video isn’t quite THAT bad, it’s definitely still pretty strange.

We’re talking guitarist-covered-in-packing-peanuts-while-they-fall-UPWARD strange –


The mind behind the video is Rob Scallon, who plays acoustic, electric and bass guitar, as well as drums for this video.

How he pulled this off is he basically played Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” in reverse – lyrics and all – so that when you played the footage backwards it sounds like the normal song… kinda.

If that makes no sense it’s totally ok, hopefully watching the video will help shine some light on it for you.

We have both versions – the original, as well as the footage before it was reversed so you can see exactly how he had to sing and play the instruments to make this happen.

Go to page 2 to watch the weirdness