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VIDEO – This 8 Year Old Girl Can Flat Out SHRED For Her Age

The Projections For Her Career Are Off The Charts

There’s nothing like seeing such a young person being so awesome at something.

You feel this mixed bag of equal parts being super impressed and proud that someone so young is so gifted, while also feeling super inadequate all at the same time.

This young girl, who is only 8 in this video, goes by Li-sa-X on YouTube. She’s become a bit of an internet sensation with millions of YouTube views.

We already covered a video of her when she was 10, but when we saw there was other videos of her when she was even younger we had to post one.

In this video Lisa-X covers Racer X’s track “Scarified;” not an easy track by any stretch of the imagination, but she does a great job.

Check it out right here –