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VIDEO – This Classical Guitar Cover Of “Thunderstruck” Kicks Serious Ass

This Wacky Guys Take On The AC/DC Mega-Hit Rocks

If you are a rock and roll fan, or a guitar fan, or both, chances are you know and love the song “Thunderstruck” by the mega-popular rock band AC/DC.

The genius of its melodies by guitarist Angus Young, and the power of the music behind the word “THUN-DER” are instantly recognizable and as catchy as a virus.

A song of this magnitude of popularity also brings with it no shortage of covers.¬†What you don’t see too often, however, is AC/DC covers being played on classical guitar, but that’s exactly what we found.

The guitarists name is Gabor Lesko, an Italian classical guitarist with some nice chops on guitar and a small knack for comedy to go with them.

He does a fantastic job of playing multiple parts of “Thunderstruck”‘s arrangement with only his single¬†guitar.

The results are pretty awesome, and the video also has some humor injected into it as well.

Check it out here –