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VIDEO – This Dogs Reaction To Someone Playing Guitar Is CLASSIC

This Golden Retriever Has Some Great Taste In Music

Dogs: mans best friend, and biggest music fan?

That looks to be the case with this golden retriever named Bailey who appears to love when a human is playing guitar.

The video is posted by a guy named Drew Cole and states that Bailey is his buddy’s pup.

When Drew starts playing guitar, Bailey’s mouth opens and it appears like it’s nodding its head to the tempo of the groove that Drew is playing on guitar.

When Drew stops the tune suddenly, Bailey’s mouth closes and he (or she) looks over at Drew almost as if to say “dude, why’d you stop?!”

What we think is really going on is that Drew found a tune on his guitar that seemed to match the tempo of Baileys head nod when he/she is panting, and coincidentally gets the great reaction when he stops playing of the dog shooting him a glance.

Regardless, the video is awesome so cheers to Drew and Bailey.

Check it out here –