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VIDEO – This Dude Jams While A Band Sets Up Behind Him, Totally Nails It

The Crowd Really Ate His Performance Up

If you’re a Shred the Strings follower, then there’s a good chance you’re already familiar with Ben Lapps; we shared a great video of his where he dribbles a basketball while playing his guitar.

While that video was awesome for its comedic value, it got us wondering if Mr. Lapps actually had any chops on the guitar.

Turns out the dude can jam some guitar.

We don’t know what show, or festival or wherever this performance is, but we figured out Ben is 15 at the time it was recorded and he’s playing “Phunkdified” by Justin King. It’s a pretty difficult song to play but he does it justice.

We love that he steps up and does his thing while there’s another band setting up behind him.

Watch Ben jam some guitar here –