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VIDEO – This Dude Plays Guitar And Sings While SURFING

He Catches A Tune While He Catches A Wave

File this under the “things I’d never think to do” category.

We’ve seen PLENTY of people struggle to play guitar and sing at the same time, or even do either of those individually, and we’ve never tried surfing but we’d imagine it’s somewhat difficult by itself as well.

Not only would we never think to sing, play guitar and surf at the same time, but without seeing this video we wouldn’t know how to even pull something like that off.

Enter Chris Hau.

By using something called a wakeboard – a surfboard designed to be used on the wake of a boat – Chris is able to surf while singing and playing the guitar to perform “Sitting On the Dock Of the Bay” by Otis Redding.

Apparently since the noise of the boat is so loud Chris can’t even hear his guitar or his voice, so he practiced by playing in front of a running lawn mower to be able to pull this off.

Props to Chris.

Check out his video right here –