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VIDEO – This Dude Wants To Shred His Guitar, But His Cat Has Other Ideas

Further Proof That Cats Really Don’t Actually Like Us


With their shifty eyes and independent and withdrawn nature, they always seem to be plotting something diabolical.

In Tony Martinez’s case, he just wanted to sit down and record a video of himself playing his guitar to his own original composition, but his cat had other ideas.

After pushing his cat off his lap to begin playing, his cat came back and seemed to just want to sit on his lap and curiously watch him play his guitar.

However, the cat started sticking his nose up to the strings to smell the guitar, so Tony pushed its head away and an epic battle ensues.

Okay, maybe not epic but definitely hilarious, and kudos to Tony for ensuring the show would go on while dealing with his unruly cat.

Watch the melee here –