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VIDEO – This Girl Looks Bored While She Totally CRUSHES “Eruption”

She Makes It Look So Incredibly Easy

Prodigies; you love them for how great they are, but you hate them because you ain’t them.

Like when you come across a 14 year old girl playing “Eruption” – the Eddie Van Halen classic regarded by many as one of the hardest things to play on guitar – and she makes it look SO GOD DAMN EASY she looks bored.

This is Tina S, who at the time this video was made was only 14.

She takes on “Eruption” and totally crushes it, shredding her guitar with such ease that she literally looks bored in the process.

We don’t think she is honestly bored; we think she is just incredibly focused on what she is doing on her guitar and isn’t thinking about the optics that so many people get caught up in.

Rock on Tina.

Watch her rip up her guitar right here –