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VIDEO – This Guitarist Decides He’s Had Enough, Quits His Band MID-SHOW

This Dude Needs To Work On His Timing A Little Bit

Bands breaking up – it’s a tale seemingly as old as music itself.

Whether it’s from ego, or creative differences or whatever the case may be, these things happen.

However, rarely does a guitarist announce he’s going solo and smash his guitar IN THE MIDDLE OF A SHOW, but that’s precisely what happens in this featured video.

We don’t know who this band is, but they are clearly a cover band since they are performing (or attempting to perform) Bon Jovi’s “You Give Love A Bad Name.”

As they are beginning to perform the song, their guitarist says over the microphone “screw this band, I’m going solo,” then proceeds to smash his guitar and whip it off the stage before exiting.

We’re guessing his name is Tim judging by one fans boisterous reaction calling him a “f*cking asshole.”

Definitely not a cool move if you’re a member of the band, but we laughed out loud nonetheless.

Our favorite part is the singers reaction; he’s completely lost up there after the surprise departure of his guitarist.

Watch this mess of a moment unfold right here –