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VIDEO – This Guy Can Play Guitar Mind-Meltingly Fast

We Found Ourselves Totally Perplexed And Amazed

Holy hand-speed this guy is fast.

This is Vahid Iran Shahi, a Spanish-style guitar player hailing from Iran who can play the guitar ridiculously fast.

The song he is playing is the famous “Flight of the Bumblebee,” and he starts off with a “measly” 220 beats per minute and looks like he’s hardly breaking a sweat while he smiles and looks off camera like it’s nothing.

Then he starts ramping it up.

He jumps up to 260 BPM’s, then 300, then 325; then he starts playing it at 350 beats per minute and that’s about when we almost soiled ourselves.

We saw a lot of comments crying that this is sped up and fake, but we don’t think so and here’s why:

First, notice the clock in the background how it never get’s any faster –


Also, while his hands look as if they’re moving unnaturally fast, notice that his facial expressions and head movements never look sped up or strange either.

We think this dude is really just this fast.

Continue to page 2 to watch Vahid go to work –