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VIDEO – This Guy Demonstrates The Hardest Thing To Do On A Guitar

We Found Ourselves Inclined To Agree With Him

What would you consider the most difficult thing to do on a guitar?

Shredding like a mad man (or woman)? Playing “Eruption” or “Flight Of The Bumblebee?” DJENTING?! (Just kidding. Maybe…).

Well as it turns out, all of those are wrong.

This video is by TEAMHEADKICK, a two-man YouTube band who play music inspired by video games.

They’ve amassed almost 30 million views on their YouTube page and are the self-proclaimed first group to create music solely based on video game culture.

One of their members, Todd, explains in this hilarious video what the hardest thing to do on a guitar is, and we were hard-pressed not to agree with Todd.

Watch the video and find out the hardest thing to do on a guitar right here –