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VIDEO – This Guy Dribbles A Basketball And Plays A Guitar At The Same Time

This Is Quite The Multitasking Combination

At STS we’ve shared with you guys a few multitasking, guitar playing ninjas, like this guy putting on an incredible performance playing two guitars, or this guy who can play guitar, drums and sing AT THE SAME TIME.

As impressive as those were, they at least make sense from a music perspective.

Someone playing guitar while dribbling a basketball? That’s definitely a new one to us.

The guitarists name is Ben Lapps, a Youtuber with a few channels and millions of views to his credit.

He has a few videos where he multitasks by playing guitar while doing random things, like eating fruit snacks or making breakfast for example.

As goofy as those videos are in their nature, Ben is actually a really damn good guitar player and we’ll be featuring more of his stuff in the future.

Watch him play basketball and guitar at the same time right here –