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VIDEO – This Guy Explores Why Playing Guitar DOESN’T Get You Chicks

One Part Comedy Sketch, One Part Social Commentary

It’s a story seemingly as old as guitar itself: playing guitar is a great way to get chicks.

Oh how we’re sure so many guitarists wish that were true…

Steve Terreberry, a guitarist and popular YouTuber, brings us this hilarious but realistic look at how that just isn’t true; playing guitar doesn’t get you the girl.

Many of his arguments, while presented in a hilarious sketch comedy style, still ring with a lot of truth.

He argues that, perhaps in the 80’s, playing guitar could in fact garner a guy attention from the opposite sex. He then shows a clip of a group of girls following him past a crudely hand written “backstage” sign while wearing an awesome 1980’s Motley Crue inspired outfit with a guitar in hand.

But he counters that by saying that in todays day and age girls are more interested in the boy band style popstars, as he has the same girls following him “backstage” while doing a hilarious impersonation of a Justin Bieber-esque character.

While we found this video utterly hysterical, it’s mostly because it falls into the “funny because it’s true” category.

Check the video out here and judge whether you agree with him or not –