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VIDEO – This Has To Be The Most Pissed Off Guitarist On The Planet

This Guy Doesn’t Have An Ounce Of Chill In His Body

Guitar lovers, look away.

This especially pissed off individual is from Liverpool, England and goes only by the name The Treeman, and Mr. Treeman might very well be one of the angriest dudes on the face of the earth.

The music he is trying to perform is apparently from the intro to one of his original songs called “Ghost of Love.”

Just a few moments in and a few mistakes later, however, and Treeman starts losing his sh*t; we’re talking bat-sh*t crazy, completely off of the rails nuts.

We found ourselves laughing hysterically at this guys complete lack of patience, and also cringing at the damage he’s inflicting on a poor innocent bystander guitar during his fit of rage.

Overt you eyes at about the 1:49 mark.

Check it out here –