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VIDEO – This Man Is Searching For The Person Who Gave Him A Guitar 15 Years Ago

He’s Now A Professional Musician Thanks To The Kindness Of A Stranger

As musicians we all have incredibly fond memories of our humble beginnings.

We remember the first time we tried a musical instrument and that feeling of being instantly enamored, and we also remember the first time we received a musical instrument of our own.

The sheer joy of being able to make your own sounds for a musically-inclined creative type has very few comparable feelings.

But what if you couldn’t get an instrument?

What if your parents just couldn’t afford the extra money to get you your first electric guitar, or, even sadder, they just don’t support it and flat out just don’t want you to play music?

Unfortunately for Arnold Nesis, a man from Jerusalem, Isreal, his parents belonged to the latter group and did not support their son in his wish to play guitar.

They didn’t want to pay for a guitar or the lessons associated with it, so Arnold was left with little choices if he was to continue to pursue his passion.

Hoping to find a kind soul, he went on Ebay and began messaging people who were selling guitars but whose auctions were coming to a close. Pleading with them that he was a poor kid from Isreal, he asked them that, if their guitar didn’t sell, they could send it to him instead.

He finally received a response from someone saying that they were also Jewish, and that they would send him the guitar as a gift for Hanukkah. They shipped him the guitar all the way from the US and Arnold had his instrument.

Our favorite part of the story is that the guitar didn’t go to waste, though, and Arnold didn’t waste the kindness of a complete stranger from literally the other side of the world either. Instead, Arnold worked at his music and now in present day is a working, professional musician.

Now that he is successful, he is determined to track down the man who sent him the guitar all those years ago to say thank you, so he created a video telling his story and asking his followers for help.

The video has since gone viral, and Arnold has been able to determine the mans name and he is pretty certain he knows where the man lives.

He’s mostly certain the mans name is Bill Doran, a man from Forrest Lake, Minnesota, who was last living in Chino, California.

We haven’t seen or heard any updates as to whether or not Arnold has connected with Bill, or if Bill is the correct person he’s looking for.

We hope Bill is his guy, and if not we hope that Arnold can connect with the person who helped make his dreams come true.

You can watch Arnold’s touching video of his message right here –

Please Help me Find a Person who Changed my Life 15 Years Ago*** I AM TRYING TO FIND A PERSON WHO CHANGED MY LIFE ABOUT 15 YEARS AGO ***(Please help share this story and photo if you can)Back then, around 1999-2000, I was about 15 and had a dream of becoming a musician – a rock guitar player. Yet, at the time (it changed) my parents did not support this idea of mine, and didn’t want to pay for lessons surely not an electric guitar. So, I went to eBay and hoped to find someone nice. I sent messages to a few auctions for guitars that where about to end, saying “I am a poor boy from Israel who needs a guitar, and if you are not going to use this guitar and can’t sell it, please send it to me”. To my surprise, someone replied and sent me “Hi, I’m a Jew too. This is my present for you for Hanucha”. He send the guitar all the way from U.S, and paid for the shipping as well… which was something like 200$.12 years has gone by. I never sold the guitar, I just couldn’t, even when I needed the money. But I did become a musician. Today I am a guitar player, and mostly a composer for video games and films, and.. well… things are going well, as some of you might know. Not to sound too dramatic, but my dream from 12 years ago came true, and it’s all thanks to this person. Looking back, I honestly don’t know if I would be a musician today if it wasn’t for this guitar. Sadly, the computer I used then died, and I have lost his info. I don’t know his name, address (I know he was from the U.S)… nothing accept the fact that he changed my life, helped to make my dream come true and that it’s an “Ibanez X Explorer Destroyer” made in 1983 12 years later, I want to find him, and at least repay him for the guitar and the shipping, and talk to an awesome guy – show him what his gift to me did. I am hoping that this something facebook can help with, and what makes facebook a wonderful thing. If you can, please share this photo of the guitar he sent me, maybe he is one of your friends!Thanks, Arnold Nesis(He probably knew me as Arik Nesis or Eric Nesis)*** Music: We have found the guy who SOLD the guitar to Bill Doran! He sold it to him in 1991 after a show in El Cajon, CA where he probably lived (and maybe pawned the guitar)Today, Bill Doran should be roughly 50-55.

Posted by Arnold Nesis on Sunday, December 27, 2015