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VIDEO – This Performance In A Wolf Sanctuary Sent Chills Down Our Spine

You Just Can’t Script A Moment Like This One


Sometimes the stars align and something happens at just the right time in just the right place to create an absolutely incredible moment.

The performers in the video are Shawn James on the left playing acoustic guitar and singing, and the man on the right playing the mandolin is a member of his band The Shapeshifters.

While on tour in Colorado they made a stop at a wolf sanctuary in Fort Collins called W.O.L.F. – Wolves Offered Life and Friendship.

The song they perform is “American Hearts” by A.A. Bondy, and they probably couldn’t have chosen a more appropriate song to perform.

Shawn begins playing his acoustic guitar while wolves are already walking all around them in the background, and his bandmate is even looking back at them with some trepidation.


But then Shawn starts singing.

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