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VIDEO – This Street Guitarist Absolutely Puts On A Show

Why Are The People Not Stopping To Watch This?!

We’ve covered some pretty sweet street performances, like this great street blues performance in Amsterdam, but this guy really puts on a show.

His name is Mariusz Goli, a Polish guitarist with some serious skills, and he puts on a pretty amazing performance on the streets of Katowice, Poland.

This performance is entitled “Improwizacja,” which translates from Polish to “Improvisation.”

Meaning this dude is just jamming, and it’s pretty epic.

He makes nice use of a sampler to provide a little percussion track for him to jam to, and also uses it to capture loops while he’s playing to create a multi-layered sound that sounds bigger than one person.

But seriously, why aren’t more people stopping to watch this guy do his thing? Shaking my head, Poland, shaking my head.

Props to Mariusz, watch him jam here –