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VIDEO – This Teen Performs With Not One, But TWO Guitars At The Same Time

Because Apparently Playing One Guitar Isn’t Enough

I think we can all agree that playing one guitar by itself can create enough of a challenge to last a lifetime.

Playing 2 guitars? Forget it.

But that’s precisely what teen Jason Kertson does in this awesome video where he covers the song “Drifting” by Adam McKee with not one, but two guitars.

One of the guitars is dedicated to bass notes and percussion, and the other is the “lead” with which he plays the melody of the song.

The song he plays isn’t necessarily the most difficult song, but dividing it up on to two guitars and focusing on each guitar simultaneously definitely isn’t easy.

(His haircut could use a little work though).

It might not be as good as this super amazing performance with two guitars, but it’s still pretty good.

Check it out here –