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(Video) We Cringed At The Sight Of This Guitar Being Tossed In A Shredder

Make Sure To Give Your Guitar A Hug Today And Tell It You Love It


We had to run and make sure our guitars were okay after watching this video.

SSI Shredding Systems is a company that, well, makes big a** shredders. They have a video series where they do a “Shred of the Week” and toss something random into their shredder.

It’s typically really cool; they’ve shredded everything from an old Volkswagon Beatle down to something small like those old crappy Nokia brick phones from like 15 years ago.

On this particular week they decided they would put dual meaning into the word “shred,” however, and featured their employee Augie Henry shredding ON a guitar (and he’s actually not too bad) while they throw a guitar IN a shredder.

Luckily they spared Augie’s sweet looking Ibanez and tossed a crappy looking beat up guitar into the shredder instead, but if you’re a guitar lover like us it can still be difficult to watch.

However, their shredder is impressively efficient and they actually add some nice touches of humor to the video as well that drew a laugh out of us.

At any rate, make sure you keep your guitar close tonight and remind it that it’s loved.

Watch the destruction here –