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VIDEO – We Loved This Hilarious And Epic Guitar Battle

This Puts A Whole New Meaning On The Term ‘Battle Of The Bands’

Beware of guitar bandits.

This hysterical video comes to us from the British Youtube comedian Thomas “TomSka” Ridgewell, and features a few other popular Youtubers as well, like Jenny Bingham and Freddie Wong as the “guitar bandit.”

It also features Rob Scallon on the acoustic guitar. We’ve featured a few of his videos, including this awesome metal in inappropriate places video, and this great video of a hit Metallica song being played in reverse.

It also looks like Rob helped write the music for the battle as well.

The video starts off with 4 friends walking to the bar when they encounter a “guitar bandit.” The bandit rips a chord on his guitar, blowing up one of the friends who began taunting him and launching a crazy guitar war for the ages featuring some great and crazy looking effects.

And then there’s the ukulele, by far our favorite part.

Check it out right here –