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VIDEO – We Were Mesmerized By This Guitar Being Swirled

Whoa… So THAT’S How They Pull That Off

If you’ve ever wondered how someone got some crazy looking swirl pattern finish on their guitar, look no further.

We only know this guy as Dean, or DeanSwirled on YouTube.

Dean “swirls” a bit of everything – from wall art, to picture frames, to motorcycle helmets – but his bread and butter seems to be guitars, and we love his work.

A sweet looking finish on a guitar can transform it into something new all together, and some artists are even known for their guitar finish, like Zakk Wylde and his white and black “bullseye” looking design.

In this video Dean swirls an Ibanez RG350 with a really sweet looking blue, white and black finish and we absolutely love it.

It’s like watching a dirty video if you love guitars.

Check it out –